September 25, 2008

Frank Milton Thomson

Our direct ancestor was Frank Milton Thomson (b. November 15, 1868, Greensburg, IN; d. October 14, 1930, Greensburg, IN.) who married Martha "Mattie" Stevens Miller (b. July 6, 1870 in Greensburg; d. August 26, 1947) on August 28m 1895.  Their children were Mary Louise, Robert Miller, John Phillips, Annette, Myrta and Jesse Jr.  From 1887 to 1891, Frank was deputy clerk of the Circuit Court of Decatur County.  In May, 1902, he was elected councilman and in 1904, Mayor of Greensburg on the Republican ticket, receiving the largest majority ever given to anyone for that position up until this time.  He was re-elected on November 7, 1905, along with the entire republican ticket and served as mayor until January 3, 1910.  His wife, Martha, was the daughter of Indiana Supreme Court Justice, John Donnell Miller, who served as post master general during the Civil War with the Indiana Volunteers.  Many of his letters home to his mother and brother were saved and are in the possession of my father.

When Frank's father, Jesse, decided to move to Cincinnati, Ohio, (where many of the Thomson clan had moved by that time) he turned over his interest in Thomson and Corbett to Frank, in order to save the business.  Frank moved to Indianapolis with his family and was an auditor with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company for several years.  He died on October 14, 1930, and his wife, Martha, passed away on August 26, 1947.

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