September 25, 2008

Lucy Mae Barnes Thomson

Lucy was a prolific artist whose medium was oil and whose subject matter was primarily land and seascapes, or religious themes.  Many of her oil painting still hang in her son, John Thomson's law office in Coral Gables.  Her main interest was music and she was a life member of the South Miami Music Club.  She taught sunday school for more than 25-years.  She and Bob were founding members of the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church and of Granada Presbyterian Church, among others, continuing the family tradition, it appears, of starting churches.  They always took a leadership role in the churches they attended.  
Bob and Lucy had two children, Florida Mae (name later changed to Mary Louise (b. May 26, 1927) and John Miller (b. September 9, 1931).  The picture on the left is of Lucy holding John as an infant.  Bob Thomson practiced law until his retirement in 1964. He suffered from Parkinson's disease until his death two years after Lucy.

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